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Bad Raccoon specialises in innovation with emerging and creative technologies. We help people create products and solutions that drive sustainable value to their businesses.

From idea exploration and critiquing, development of prototypes and minimum viable products, through to planning and executing a go-to-market strategy, we can help you with any or all aspects of the innovation and development process. We do this for start-up entreprenuers or corporate intrapreneurs and executives.

We are curious, dedicated and pragmatic people you'll find easy to work with. Our experience and know-how helps us confidently and diplomatically guide you on what makes sense for your business (and what doesn't). We are equally comfortable with the big picture and the detail. We know how to get stuff done.


Augmented, virtual and mixed realities; blockchain, digital wallets and mobile payments; location, text and image triggered user experiences; NFC, beacons and RFID – you’ll be aware of these latest technology terms (and many others) but what do they really mean for you? Can they add value to your business? If so how, and what are the implementation trade-offs and the beyond pilot issues you face?

We can help you answer these questions. We've done so for multiple businesses across diverse industries

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We are based in the digital hubs of Brighton and East London.

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